Hobbies and Happiness

In the busyness of day-to-day life, it is easy to fall into a monotonous routine, focusing only on what must get done and prioritizing each little errand as they come up. It’s easy to become overwhelmed. That’s why it is so vital to take a little break and take some time for yourself. “It’s not selfish to take a few minutes to enjoy life,” said Louis Mead. As a retired farmer, Mr. Mead understands that life can become all too busy, all too quickly.

So, find something you enjoy and try to do it as often as you can. Naturally, some hobbies take more time than others. If your hobby is pretty time-consuming, maybe shoot for once a week or a couple times a month. No matter how busy your life is, though, take some time to enjoy life; after all you only get one life.

Fishing is one such hobby that might require more time than you can afford in one day. Ben Ghaly discovered his passion for fishing last summer. “One of my friends from high school invited me to go, and I’ve become somewhat of a fisherman since then,” he said. He finally bought his own fishing rod as well. “I used to have one when I was a kid, when me and my dad would go fishing. But I haven’t owned my own fishing pole for a while, and I go pretty frequently, so I just figured, why not?” Fishing provides a chance to escape from the demands of life and enjoy the serenity of the sea.

Another popular hobby is blogging. Elise Shenning recently joined the world of bloggers. She particularly enjoys the release she feels from blogging. “I use it [the blog] to get my feelings out and vent my frustrations.” Shenning also said she uses her blog to document her weight loss journey. “It can be tough to lose weight, but when I look back and see my workouts and the calories I burned and the pounds I lost, it is a big motivator.” Blogging is great because it doesn’t require excessive time, and most anyone can pick it up quickly. It’s also a great way to make connections locally or around the world and can look great on a resume (as long as your blog is somewhat professional!).

Baking (or cooking in general for that matter) is a great hobby as well. “My favorite part of baking is mixing all these ingredients together and creating something scrumptious!” baker Erika Hewitt exulted. She got her passion for baking as a little girl at her grandmother’s house one Thanksgiving when her grandma asked her to help bake cookies. “Ever since then, it [baking] has been something I really enjoy. Every time there’s a birthday, I’m the one they call.” Baking can also be a metaphor for life- watching all of the little things come together to make something amazing!

Whatever you choose as “your” thing, make it something you are passionate about. There’s always reading, working out, playing an instrument, or anything that suits your fancy. Find something that brings you joy. It’s one thing to have a successful job; it’s another thing to find true fulfillment in life. Having a hobby provides a temporary escape from the struggles and stress everyone faces. Doing something you love on a routine basis reduces anxiety and can improve your overall enjoyment and quality of life. The reason hobbies provide this escape is simply that they require you to focus on something other than what you are facing, and sometimes a break is all that is really needed before taking on the world.

[Note: all these images are from Google; I struggled taking originals.]


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