Beauty is in Bloom

IMG_0376The sky is a perfect shade of blue. Puffy clouds- the non-threatening kind- dot the sky. The branches on the trees sway lightly in the wind, and the birches are chirping. It’s the kind of day where you want to take a deep breath, let the air fill your lungs, and simply be grateful to be alive. The day is glorious. The day is beautiful, and beauty is in bloom in Florida.

Living in Florida, it has been said that it can only be hot or very hot. Florida native Michael Keith added, “There are only two seasons: love bug season and tourist season.” However, there are those rare moments in Florida where beauty blooms in abundance.

Nature lover Britney Isaacs said, “It doesn’t matter how stressful my life seems at the moment. As soon as I step outside, my mind is blown away by the beauty all around me, and I know that there is still good in the world.”

IMG_0262This seems to be a true sentiment for most people. Life can indeed be very stressful. However as the old adage goes, “Take to stop and smell the roses.” Beauty has a way of reminding those that behold it that life is still precious, miracles still happen, and all is not lost. Why else are flowers given to those sick or to those who have lost a loved one or to those who are simply sad? Beauty has a way of brightening everything in its path, regardless of how dark or depressing things appear.

Beauty doesn’t simply bloom; it exists and thrives in nature no matter what state or geographical location you are in. There is always something beautiful to be seen. Even if the landscape or picture before you isn’t beautiful, try looking at it through a beautiful light.

Isaacs explained that it might take work to find beauty, but it is there. “Finding beauty in nature can be just like finding a silver lining in life’s circumstances,” she said. “Sometimes it can take a while to find, but once you do, you wonder how you missed it in the first place to begin with.”

IMG_0397Despite the heat, mosquitoes, and humidity, Florida offers much in the line of beauty. Florida offers several state parks that host varied nature life and plants of multiple hues. The beaches of Florida are beautiful and feature a new work of art each day, especially as the sun sets.

“I know I’m a guy, and I am supposed to be all macho and what not, but when it comes to sunsets, I’m about as girly as it gets,” Keith admitted. It is hard, if not impossible, to not be impressed by the painted skies of Florida’s coast.

Even if your home doesn’t have a decent beach, there are always flowers. Exotic flowers. Romantic flowers. Flowers of every shade and design. Indeed, take time to admire flowers!


“The thing I love about flowers,” Isaacs explained, “is that their sole purpose is to offer beauty. I’m not a scientist, so it is probably more technical than that, but how I look at it is that they’re here simply to offer their beauty and to inspire appreciation for all things beautiful. As simple as a flower is, there’s much to be learned from them.”


It’s easy to get wound up in the negativity constantly thrown our way and shoved in our faces. Don’t believe me? Just turn on the news and see how long before you start to question the existence of goodness. The solution to all of this negativity is simple but requires considerate conscious effort. Be positive. See beauty.

[Note: all images are original.]


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