Letting Go

There’s going to come a point in your life where you simply have to let go. Let go of hopeless dreams. Let go of people who are only bringing you down. Let go of anger. Let go of bitterness. Let go of the past. I’m going to be honest. It will hurt. Letting go requires action, and action is  not always easy. It’s like tug-of-war. You hold on so tight for so long that the rope begins to burn your hands, but you don’t notice because you’re so dedicated to holding on. It’s after you let go that you notice the burn and examine your red- perhaps blistered, even- hands. Then you wonder, what was it for, really? Determination is an admirable quality, but there comes a point where utter determination borders on insanity and will only result in further disappointment. All that to simply say: let it go! You’ll be happier and healthier and lead a much more fulfilling life!


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