Cruising the Caribbean Coast

P1050613It’s vacation time. There are no worries, no school, no work, and no stress. It is time to relax. Music plays on the speakers on the pool deck. People dance. Women sunbathe on cushioned lounge chairs. Kids splash in the pool. Men fill up their plates from the buffet for the third time. Later in the evening, there will be an ice skating performance or a musical in the theater on board. After all the fun of the day is said and done, it is time to sleep. Arriving back at the cabin, there is a chocolate mint on the pillow. There is a towel animal on the foot of the bed, and the sheets have been turned down…

P1050594P1050631This dream vacation is a cruise. With the exception of very few people, everyone that has been on a cruise loves cruises. Cruises are relatively cheap, offer a wide variety of destinations, and much of the on-board entertainment is included in the cost.

“I’ve been on several cruises; I think it’s over seven or eight now,” Beth O’Hare said. “One of the things I love best about cruises is the fact that there are so many options. I’m always able to choose a cruise that’s tailored to fit my vacation needs.”

P1050643P1050608Truly, there are endless options for cruisers. Cruises depart almost daily from various ports around the country and the world and sail the seas to exotic places like Europe, Alaska, islands in the Caribbean, and more.

Another great thing about cruises is that cruises are wonderful vacations for entire families, including small children and grandparents. It does not matter how old or young someone may be; anyone and everyone can find something that they will thoroughly love about a cruise.

P1050806Seven-year-old Hannah Riley told me she loved the kid’s program on the cruise her family took last summer.

“We got to color, watch movies, and space goo. We even had a special lunch just for us! I hope we can take another cruise again really soon.”

P1050603Speaking of food, that is another activity that many passengers enjoy. On a cruise, a meal is not just a time to eat; it truly is an activity. Cruises offer a wide range of foods, from delicacies to American favorites. One thing is certain, passengers never go hungry on board.

“Every meal I ate on my Royal Caribbean cruise was amazing,” Daniel Jackson exulted. “Everything was always freshly prepared; you could tell the chefs and galley staff took pride in their work and wanted to make sure us passengers enjoyed our meals.”

P1050872P1050797Many times during dinners, the waiters and waitresses will dance and sing as well, which is something passengers always enjoy. People don’t really experience that kind of thing anywhere else (unless, of course, someone is getting sung to for his or birthday).

Also, dinner time is a popular time to get photographed at your table. During the course of a cruise there are numerous opportunities to get photographed. These include getting on board, getting off board at all the ports of call, “Captain’s Night” (a formal dinner some cruises offer), and before and during meals. So, if you decide to go on a cruise, you better pack your smile!

P1050650As you can see, cruises offer something for everyone of every age. Cruises can be as long as or as short as you wish, and they leave from all around the country and the world. Whenever you begin to plan your next vacation, seriously consider taking a cruise. It will be a vacation of a life time and a decision you will not regret!


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