Time to Dream


The seagulls hawk as they fly over the waves. Parents scold their children to not go any further. Waves crash, providing soothing white noise to add to the ambience of beach noises, And the tell-tale sound of sunscreen being sprayed catches my attention.


Instinctively, with no real purpose, I turned toward the sunscreen sprayer. I saw the sprayer in question was a young man probably in his 30’s. I noticed his chest (because that’s where he was spraying) was moderately hairy (as most men his age). For some reason, this less-than-thiry-second though process triggered my memory, and I thought of my friend and I discussing her hair preferences for her future husband. (How insane is the speed at which our thought synapses fire!)

Anyhow, this friend and I have had several conversations about our futures. Her comments are always presented with sufficient details about her [future] large family, her [future] adopted and biological children, her husband, and their dream home. My comments are, more often than note, a murky haze of I don’t know’s and maybe’s.

Another friend and I recently had a similar conversation about one day living in the same city again with our [future] husbands and [future] kids and [my] pets (I added pets because that’s a given for me). After this conversation, I told her, “I receive all that we’re saying in Jesus’ name, and I’m trying not laugh like Sarah did when the angels told Abraham that they’d have a son in their old age.”

But the truth is, part of spirit still laughs at these conversations. I’ve been guilty of calling some of my friends’ dreams crazy. But, dear friend, we need crazy dreamers in our lives! We need their hope for the future in a world that looks bleaker by the day. We need their light and joy. We need their courage to become crazy dreamers ourselves!

Genesis 37:5-11 recounts the story of Joseph, who is one of the most famous biblical dreamers. After he excitedly told his family his dreams, he was mocked and told he was being a fool. His father, on the other hand, kept these things on his mind. Jospeh had no way of knowing the prophetic power of his dreams. He merely shared his vision with his family. I believe we need a strong dose of Joseph’s faith, of his integrity and his courage.

Joel 2:28-29 declares that men and women, both young and old, shall dream dreams and prophesy. Dreams and prophetic words are linked in the Bible again and again. Seek the Lord about your nightly dreams. While you shouldn’t be quick to assume every dream is literal or even significant, you also shouldn’t be quick to discard your dreams as the result of something you ate or drank or something you read or saw before you slept. Seek the Lord’s Spirit about your dreams; be prepared for Him to speak and move in mysterious ways.

Not everyone has dreams when they sleep. So, I think it is equally important to have courage to dream extraordinary life dreams. Too often we allow doubt (fear, insecurity, words of others) to silent our hearts. What if we are allowing doubt to actually quench our life’s purpose? We are people of faith that can move mountains. Why don’t we live as we believe that? Why don’t we live in such a way that takes risks? We are only hindered by the fear doubt instills.

Ephesians 3:20 is a familiar verse that I would love for you to marvel at with me for a moment.

Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.

Oh, friends! I could write for much longer on the power in this verse! This is a rally cry, an anthem for all dreamers and would-be dreamers. Check it out.

Why a picture of a watch on a pilow? Because it is time to dream!
  1.  His mighty power is at work within us. His power is mighty enough to forgive us. His power is mighty enough to equip us. His power is mighty enough to continue to work in us on our bad days. His power is mighty enough to continue to work in us on our good days. His power is mighty enough to sustain itself as it sustains us.
  2.  We can accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. This is one of those too-good-to-be-true church gimmicks, right? Nope, this is honest-to-goodness for real, hardcore truth. Our reaches of influence, our ability to impact God’s kingdom are only hindered by our imaginations. We are called to dream and then called to action.

Today, it is my prayer that God would instill God-size dreams in me and in you, that He would remove any doubt we carry or that others try to burden us with, that our reaches of influence would expand beyond our wildest dreams to impact the kingdom far greater than we thought possible. And remember, anytime God moves, it will always be far greater than we thought possible. So, start dreaming, and dream big.


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