Freedom ~ John 8:36

Today’s apple slice comes from John 8:36 in the NIV version.

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

Until this past summer, I thought of freedom in terms of “red, white, and blue.” Sure, I had heard of “spiritual freedom” before, but it didn’t sink in until a couple of months ago. Now that I grasp the beauty of true freedom, I stand in awe, humbled that I am offered such a gift.

As believers in Jesus, we are free! Our lives no longer revolve around performance-based affection; rather, we are loved by a perfect God who sees us as He has designed us to be and looks past the mistakes we’ve made. When we fully surrender to Him and His will for our lives, we are liberated to experience life fully. Although God is constantly begging for our attention, devotion, and trust, the choice remains up to us. We get to choose. Freedom in Christ is a choice.

I (you, too!) am free to choose between life and death (spiritually). I am free to choose whether I will live my life in bondage to sin! I am free to choose not to dwell on my past. I am free to live fully alive, fully aware, and fully in His presence. I am free choose to live the life Jesus died to give me. I am free to serve and give of my time, treasures, and talents. I am free to deny the devil any foothold in my life.



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