A Beautiful Lesson on Beauty

I just got back from Walmart. While I wa there, God opened my eyes to some things I’d been blind to. Well, maybe not blind to necessarily, but He definitnely reminded me of some important things I had forgotten.

I had gone to Walmart with two main intentions: 1. to get ingredients to make Oreo cheesecake bars (here’s hoping they are a success), and 2. to get my hair done (i.e. colored). Lately I have been “obsessed” (and I use the word “obsessed” only in the loosest of terms here) with my hair. If you have frizzy (or “curly,” to put it more exoticly) hair and you live in Florida (or anywhere where the humidity in the air is so thick that a fish would be just fine out of the ocean) you probably feel my pain. Well, I got it into my head that I needed to “spruce up” my look, get into the swing of summer, however you want to put it. I decided I would go for an ombre look. I had actually gotten my roots a touch darker and was pretty disappointed when no one could tell I did anything. So I decided to go to Walmart, do my grocery shopping, and get my ends a bit blonder…

Well, here’s where God comes into the picture (as if He hasn’t been there all along). I go sit down in the salon chair and explain to the lady what I want done, and she tells me that she isn’t good at doing ombre. While I appreciated her honesty, I was a little disappointed. She lets me know there’s another lady who comes in later and asks if I can come back. I say, “Sure, no problem,” and I go finish my shopping, thinking I’ll run the groceries home and just come back later.

Now, here’s where God begins to speak to me. As I am walking out to my car, I get this feeling that maybe this was a sign from God, that maybe there was something I was missing. And here’s what He told me:

My love for you is everlasting. (Jeremiah 31:3)

The number of hairs on your head is numbered, and you are valuable. (Luke 12:7)

I have made you in a fearfully wonderful way, so praise me. (Psalm 139:14)

I look past your outward appearance, and I look at your heart because that is what matters most to me. (1 Samuel 16:7)

God reminded that true beauty comes from within. Now, if you asked me before this expereince, I may have told you that of course, true beauty comes from within. But are we living that out? Am I? Or am I so concerned with working out, with make up trends, with pretty nails, with cute clothes, with a decent hairstyle that I am becoming less concerned with the beauty of my soul, spirit, and heart? I thank God that lady was not there to do my hair. He saved me time that could be otherwise exerted and money that should be saved, and He also taught me a beautiful lesson on beauty.


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