Caution: Rough Roads Ahead

There are 5 speed bumps give or take in the parking lot at my work before I finally find a parking spot. I’m running late and I just want to park my car, swipe my badge at the door, climb up the stairs, and finally collapse in whatever broken chair is at my desk today. (Yea, we’ve got a lot of broken chairs…) But first, I have to slow down enough to get past the speed bumps without damaging my car or possibly giving myself minor whiplash. (Yes, I really do like to drive just that fast… But don’t worry; I don’t.)

Speedbumps can be one of the more annoying things that are encountered out and about on the roads. But have you ever stopped to consider what purpose they serve? No, they aren’t just there to drive you nuts. Speedbumps are there to make you slow down and exercise more caution than you normally would. Speedbumps actually exist to serve as a buffer between you and any possible obstacles in the road. They protect you, and they also protext others by causing you to be more aware of your surroundings.

Speedbumps not only exist on the roads, but they also exist in life (and exist abundantly, at that). Just as they do on the roads, speedbumps can also slow you down in life. When I first realized this, I started thinking, “Man, this pretty much sucks.” And the reason for that line of thinking is simple: I can be very future-oriented. I always want to know what’s next or reach my next goal. It’s not necessarily that I always want more; it is more of the fact that I always want to know what’s to come. That’s not always a bad thing. It only becomes a problem when the “future-vision” is allowed to overshadow your joy and appreciation for where you are at currently. Remember that whatever season of life you may be in at this time, you are in it for a reason. Whatever you experience in this life is always a lesson that is preparing you for another test to come. I urge you to find the balance between living in the present yet anticipating the glory of all that the future holds in store for you.

So, the moral of the story or the whole point of this or what I’m really trying to convey here is simply… slow down when you come to a speedbump. Remember that the impact will be much more jolting if you decide to breeze right over it. Don’t jump into a new relationship just because you are lonely. (That is another blog post entirely…) Don’t accept a job just because the pay and benefits are better than your current situation. Evaluate what is best for you, and earnestly pray that God will reveal to you what is indeed best for you. Prayerfully consider every decision you must make. When you arrive at a crossroad, take time to decipher where each path may ultimately lead you. Keep in mind that what may seem like a hindrance or just another speedbump to you may actually be God’s way of encouraging you to slow down for a little bit and seek Him and spend time hearing what Jesus has to tell you.


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