I Wanted Kids by 25

I wanted by kids by 25.
I wanted to be married by 22.
I wanted to have the life I dreamed of as a little girl.

I’m 23 now. So “Goal 2” is out. “Goal 1” may happen; it may not. Now, “Goal 3” is a completely different story, let me tell you.

It’s funny, isn’t it- this life? Funny how how things work out or don’t work out. It’s funny how the life I dreamed of as a little girl may not be the life I have now, but who really wants to live a 5-year-old’s fantasy? (Filled with unicorns who bring you cupcakes…) Maybe if it was a really good little-girl-fantasy… but I digress.

All I know is that I am just beginning to unravel and understand the life God has called me as His child to live. Maybe the term “understand” in that sentence is being too generous. Because, honestly, I am not sure I DO understand- and I mean really understand- what the life God has called me to looks like. But I can confidently declare that I understand more and more what that life looks like. Every day, God is revealing more of Himself to me, and He is teaching me new things about myself. God is daily taking truths that I long ago accepted as truths and long ago ceased to appreciate and is presentinh those truths in new and exciting and sometimes startling ways. 

This life with Jesus… It is an adventure, friends. It’s filled with danger. There will be obstacles. But there will be triumphs as well. Life with Jesus is never guaranteed to be easy, but life with Jesus will never be boring.

I have come to appreciate my life. Every struggle I’ve overcome. All that I’ve accomplished. Every memory I’ve made. All the places I’ve visited. Every person I’ve met. I appreciate my life! And you should appreciate, value, and cherish your life, too! Life is a gift. It’s beautiful and messy and wonderful and complicated. But above all, life is God-given! Who am I to be ungrateful for a single God-given breath? 

God’s plans are so much bigger than my little girl fantasies. They’re bigger than my broken dreams. God has opened my eyes to see what truly matters. What truly matters is not my meager plans for my life. What matters is God’s good and perfect will for me. I may not fully grasp what that looks like, but I know I will one day; and each day, each moment, really, I am a little closer to reaching that place.


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