The Great Exchange

Talking to Jesus is the best therapy, but it only works if you come to Him with your whole heart. That means bringing the anger, hurt, and pride (along with everything good He’s placed in you as well). He then offers the Great Exchange.

He says:
“Give me your anger. I’ll exchange it for forgiveness.
Give me your hurt. I’ll exchange it for healing.
Give me your brokenness. I’ll exchange it for restoration.
Give me your doubt. I’ll exchange it for confidence.
I’m a big God. I can handle what you throw at me. I will make you new. You are mine. I redeemed you with my Son’s blood. I am the Potter; you are the clay. I am the Father; you are my child. I am the Great Romancer; you are my beloved.”

Oh! Rejoice in the high position which He has called you to!

Molding may be painful as that includes applying pressure, but once the molding is complete, you then have a work of art- a masterpiece.

Oh, dear one! This world cannot compare to the Great Exchange that awaits us beyond!

“Give me your sin. I’ll exchange it for salvation.”

Oh! The hope He has placed in my spirit! “Sorrow may last for the night, but JOY comes in the morning!”


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