Music and Moods

I have yet to meet someone who has a genuine dispassion for music. Almost everyone I have ever come in contact with like one genre of music or another. What isn’t to like about it? It can calming or motivating; soothing or invigorating! Music has (or can have) such a strange impact on a person’s mood. Sometimes when I am sad, I like to listen to sad music; or when I am angry, I like to listen to rockier songs (usually, Linkin Park is my go-to guys for my angry songs; they just always seem mad). But I got to thinking, why is that? Why should I allow music to alter my mood? If I am already upset, I should listen to something that’s going to help me feel better, not something that will just encourage or egg on the sadness or anger. So that is today’s tip: listen to music that will uplift and encourage you. What you listen to and fill your mind with has a bigger impact than you might realize.

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