Workouts do Wonders


Your muscles are screaming for you to just let them rest. You feel the perspiration drip down your forehead but wipe it away before it reaches your eyes. You know that even ten layers of the strongest deodorant could do little to mask the smell of sweat. And, yet, after your sixty minute workout, you feel satisfied, as if you accomplished something. And that makes all of those small discomforts very much worth it.

It’s been said that you feel better when you exercise on a daily basis. In other words, many believe that when you work out regularly, your body responds better to stressful situations and the daily curveballs life might throw at you. With as busy as life can be, it is important to take care of your body and keep it in shape to reach your full potential. I, for one, believe that exercising and working out regularly are vital to a person’s overall well-being, so I decided to ask other people and see what the consensus was.

YMCA sign

“I try to work out at least three times a week,” Kyle Jackson said. “I feel like if I work out more than that, my body start to feel a bit sluggish and muscles get too tense, but three hour-or-so-long workouts are perfect and help keep me going.”

Jackson’s reason for working out is one that many avid exercisers seem to agree with; working out keeps your body’s organs functioning well and allows you to feel more energized. Three seemed to be a popular number when I asked people how many times a week they tried to get exercise in. But Natasha Davidson finds getting three workouts in to be a challenge most of the time.

sneakers“With such a busy schedule, it’s a wonder I get any exercise in,” Davidson explained. “I’ve got four kids, a husband, a job, and I am going to school online. But I still work out when I can because it seems to keep my blood moving, and I feel less stressed out about everything I’ve got to juggle.”

leg toner yReleasing stress is another popular reason people work out. It’s easy to let the pressures of everyday life build inside you until you think your head might explode. There have been several studies done that prove that working out and releasing tension are closely linked. After all, working out is much cheaper (and sometimes much easier) than therapy.

For some, neither increased energy nor released tension is a reason to get a work out in. For Tiffany Hurley, it was the draw of food.

“I exercise because I love sweets,” Hurley stated. “Ever since I was kid I’ve had a sweet tooth, so I exercise so I can stay in shape and still indulge in sweets now and then. Cupcakes, chocolate, cookies, and ice cream are my frequent friends, and since I work out regularly, I don’t feel so bad when I have an extra scoop of ice cream or another cookie or two.”

Clearly there are multiple reasons people work out. Some are trying to lose weight; others are trying to keep it off. Most everyone who works out is trying to maintain a somewhat healthy, balanced lifestyle. The stress-free feeling is a favorite benefit from exercisers, of course. And the last reason people work out is simply that they want to be free to eat what and when they wish. Whatever reason you choose, though, is up to you. It really doesn’t matter what reason you choose; just pick something that motivates you to get up and start a workout routine and see the wonders it will do for your body and mind!

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